Mitsubishi Pencil Co. was founded in Tokyo in 1887 as Japan’s first manufacturer of pencils. By 1927, Mitsubishi Pencil’s products began export distribution to North America, and soon afterwards, to other regions worldwide.

In 1959, Mitsubishi Pencil began the manufacture of ballpoint pens, and the Uni brand was born. Since then Mitsubishi Pencil has achieved global recognition as a producer of quality writing instruments with many pioneering innovations to its credit. Today, the wide range of products produced by Mitsubishi Pencil will fill nearly all writing needs. Innovations in design, quality, and technology are what define the Uni brand.

Lupel Corporation has been the exclusive representative of Mitsubishi Pencil in the Philippines since 1971. It has achieved making the Uni brand available throughout the country, and strives to continually offer the best possible service to its customers.

Lupel Corporation’s attentiveness to the market has lead to the availability of an array of Mitsubishi Pencil’s products in the Philippines, including the world renown Jetstream and Signo 207, and is continually updating its product lineup with the latest and best that Mitsubishi Pencil has to offer.